Online Company Store FAQs

Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our online company stores.

I want an online company store, but what items are available to put on my company store?

Garments that are available to put on your store are carefully selected and approved by you and your company! We are also happy to recommend the latest trendy styles and best-selling products to help you make the best choice. Items can be added to or removed from the store as needed. All garments are printed to order, with a typical lead time of 2 weeks for most of the year and a 3-week turnaround during the Christmas holiday season. Your employees always have the opportunity to try on their ordered garments before they head to the decorator to ensure correct sizing!


What are the cost associated with having a company store?

Jedco Sales will charge a one-time set up fee to get the company store created and live online. However, once that one-time fee is paid, there are NO monthly fees assessed in order to maintain your company store. There is no cost associated with the number of transactions that occur on your store, as transaction cost is included in the price of each item.


How is payment handled inside the company store?

If you company has an employee company allowance program, Jedco will provide a gift card codes to be used by your employees. Your business will not be charged for these gift cards until they are used and will only be charged for the amount that was used. These gift card codes can be emailed directly to your employees or can be distributed by an admin. Employees can also add their own payment information to cover any costs exceeding the gift card amounts. 


What are the shipping options?  


We offer free pickup at the Jedco office in Effingham any day, during our hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. We also offer free delivery to most local locations in the Effingham area. Additionally, we can ship items to employee homes or remote offices.


What is the return policy?  

We do not accept returns that are due to sizing issues. However, any garment that has damage, is poor quality, or is incorrectly fulfilled will be replaced as quickly as possible.


How will I know if my order is ready to pick up?  

When orders are placed you will receive an email confirmation. In this email you will see a link "View Order Status". Click that to view the status of each individual item in your order. We will update each items as it moves through the order process. Once the order is complete, you will receive an email notification that your order is ready for pick up. Order that are to be shipped will receive an email with tracking information as soon as it ships.

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